This course will not cover skills such as: how to load a pistol, malfunction recognition and clearance (skills more suitable in a live fire course).  The Introduction to Pistol Handling course provides invaluable instruction for general safe pistol handling. All of the drills are geared toward “best practices” to put your students in a glide Path for the most efficient and safest pistol  techniques, that is, the best way to establish a grip, draw a pistol, and timing to get the finger on the trigger, just to name a few skills.

This course heavily relies upon the simple technology of the SIRT Training Pistol. The SIRT Platforms are used in nearly all major federal law enforcement agencies and by thousands of instructors across the world. The use of the SIRT platforms extends from very basic introduction to high-level pistol manipulation training, including high-volume force on force. The SIRT Pistols strike a balance of providing comfort to a student without experience with firearms where the SIRT is safe and will not go “bang”, but the SIRT further has qualities where the new user will treat it with respect and handle the SIRT as they would a live fire pistol.