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Some students advance, grasp concepts, build proficiency, and make progress quicker than other students.  Of course, this always presents some problems in any kind of progressive course because you don't want to put too much time with individuals that are lagging and keep the students that are advancing held up. 

One protocol with getting people caught up is to actually provide catch-up courses where the instructor supplies dedicated one-on-one time with individuals or possible group for a premium price, say $60.00 an hour (just as one example), to give individualized instruction so the individuals get caught up and are comfortable with the process while making it time efficient and positive revenue generating for that instructor.

A further option is to have an early show-up time block of 10 to 20 minutes where individuals come in, get their safety checks conducted and get their remedial/catch-up training to be up to speed so they can continue and progress with the rest of the class.  It should further be noted that this pre-class time could also be utilized to "get their baseline."  That is to exercise these baseline drills so they have that first point of measure with speed and accuracy to exemplify and measure their skill set.

As mentioned above, having the option and bandwidth for private sessions is not only good for the students who want more information, but it allows a further revenue stream for your dojo.  Furthermore, if people come to the boot camp late/while the boot camp has been in progress for a few weeks, having a private session protocol will allow them to join the boot camp so you capture that client while also perhaps generating extra revenue for you as the instructor to get them caught up.  There’s no special itinerary or lesson plan for the private lesson since it’s basically the same itineraries but on a more individualized one-on-one basis.

Do not skimp on the safety protocols during a private lesson.  Although it’s much easier and quicker to implement safety protocols with an individual or a very small group, the safety protocols have to be consistent and bedrock with all the safety checks described above.

Of course, this varies from area to area and your current demographics of your clientele. You definitely want to value your time and take into consideration whether or not this firearms course is a loss leader to get them into the dojo for further courses where you may want to charge less for the private lesson?  If your time is quite valuable and you don’t have much space in the day, then of course you may want to charge more for a private lesson such as up to $120.00 an hour.  Generally speaking, the $60.00 an hour rate seems a copacetic number across the board.  In other words, the rate in San Francisco won’t be the same as what it is in the regular world.

You will very likely find that the speed and flow of a private lesson can go much quicker than a class.  Expect to cover two standard lessons in one private lesson just by the merit of one-on-one attention.  Further, the reps tend to go more quickly due to the fact there’s less attention diverted elsewhere.

Be sure to provide specific EDDs for your student to execute on their own time.  Instruction is great but without follow up reinforcement and repetitions, the value will be lost.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.