When we introduced movement it is very similar to the adage walking and chewing gum.  We are going to exercise the aforementioned skills to date but just throw in some movement in different directions.  There's a plurality of context why you want to move while handling a gun.  On the range, of course, it's very difficult because of the safety requirements, but experience and research dictates that moving is a highly relevant skill in a lethal engagement with a pistol.

First drill is to simply designate different areas in the dojo having a start position and a second position giving wide amounts of space so they're not confined by other people in repositioning themselves and drawing and shooting.  Demonstrate first by doing the draw process.  If they're less experienced, then go from an exposed gun not clearing garment, otherwise have them build on the skill sets which they have worked in their everyday drills of drawing the gun, repositioning and then getting to the second shooting position while they present the pistol, prep the trigger and break the shot on target.  I encourage them to move to the left, move to the right and also move towards angels of survivability which would be triangle steps forward and to the left.

Important Notes

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Be cautious during home training that someone else doesn’t come into your training area. One possible risk is where someone else comes in your area, they are carrying concealed, they go on auto-pilot and draw fluidly firing a round. The better they are, the more likely they can “chunk” the actions Now granted, there are other rules to address this situation, but remember all of these rules are completely redundant. If this unfortunate event happened, be sure to set up your training area with reasonably ballistic walls so the round will be caught and not cause damage to any person. It is a layered independent precaution.

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