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We will now introduce stance because it's quick and easy to learn, and there are a lot of misconceptions regarding stance in the firearms industry.  Stance is not particular foot placement unless you are in a very specific discipline, such as bullseye, where disciplined foot and hip placement may have a slight effect on the natural aiming area and movement of a pistol in extremely small degrees to maximize pure and absolute accuracy.  This is highly specialized for some positional shooting and not as relevant for speed and accuracy shooting and the majority of the context of pistol craft.  Therefore, stance is more of a concept where the body is in position to absorb recoil and not get rocked back, and to further facilitate movement of the shooter in and out of shooting positions.

There are two primary objectives to stance. 

The first objective is related to movement, having two elements: one) getting into position and two) getting out of shooting position.  This generally means bent knees and good balance to take first steps that are not false steps to get out of a shooting position quickly. This objective fits in a plurality of context, whether it’s defensive or competitive shooting where you want to have the best footwork possible to get in and out of shooting positions as described in the video.

The second objective of stance is not to get rocked back with recoil. This generally means a good athletic stance. 

A simple to get students in a good athletic stance/platform is:

  1. Stand in front of the class before you even administer SIRTs, or if they already have SIRTs in their hands, just have them hold it at the sul position.
  2. Tell them to mirror you, tracking your movements so that when you move to your left, they’re moving to their right.
    1. Stagger them as necessary just so they have enough space, and instruct them to stop when instructed to.
  3. Shift left and right, and when you say stop, identify one of the individuals with the best stance (who didn’t stand up because a few will inevitably) and use them as an example of what is a good stance.