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  1. General Topics on Material Delivery
    8 Topics
  2. IMPORTANT: Safety Set Up and Weapons Check
    3 Topics
  3. Day 01 - First Class
    9 Topics
  4. Day 02 Stance-Platform-Sight Alignment-Grip
    9 Topics
  5. Day 03 C-Clamp-Intro to Draw
    10 Topics
  6. Day 04 Intro to Reloads and Movement -Get Off The X-
    2 Topics
  7. Day 05 Decelerating and Shooting
    4 Topics
  8. Day 06 Compromised Shooting Positions
    5 Topics
  9. Day 07 Target Transitions
    6 Topics
  10. Day 08 Testing and Congratulations
    1 Topic
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Now, take the students and move them back as far as they can from their target where you simply just move the firing line, and use as much space available within your training area so now they have a further shot.  Of course, this may require sight alignment which is not taught yet, but we find that they will figure out a way to align the pistol on the target even if they’re staring at the dot and using that as a sighting aid which is okay for the time being.  We want them to have that extra distance which will create a greater laser sweep so they clearly understand “dots not dashes”.  

If the students are getting a fatigued trigger finger, which will eventually happen, have them switch to their other hand.  There are some phenomena where shooting with the non-dominant hand (left hand if they’re right handed) helps the dominant hand, even though the other hand is doing the “work”. It a good and viable skill set to shoot with the non-dominant hand.  Any shooter needs to able to manipulate the gun with the non-dominant hand in case the strong hand is inoperable or otherwise occupied.  Further, practicing a skill with your non-dominant hand helps build that skill with the dominant hand. The science on this is rather loose and not yet fully validated, but practical experience has proven weak hand training is valuable for strengthening the other side of the body.  Nonetheless, practically speaking, the strong-hand trigger finger, particularly on a second knuckle, may be getting sore after a few hundred trigger pulls; therefore, giving it a break without taking a needless group rest is the best solution.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.