9 Lessons

NLT Blizzard Pistol Series

This is a series of drills you can do right now with your SIRT. Each drill focuses on a basic technique. Have fun with it!

12 Lessons


Have you ever thought of how you grip your gun, how to build your natural point of aim, and increase your accuracy of follow up shots? This is a very concise and focused course that drills down into details of the very core fundamental, on the grip on the pistol.

35 Lessons

Applied Fundamentals

The purpose of this course is to provide an instructor an additional set of tools and a curriculum to confidently put on a 3 to 4-hour block of instruction on applying the fundamentals.

16 Lessons

Dr. Wes Doss Vehicle Training

Dr. Wes Doss along with Gary Drake goes through some fundamentals of vehicle training with some tips and drills you can do to be more proficient in and around your vehicle.

12 Lessons

Be the Hero