Now reposition the bob bags that are the further target and have them do the same drill, but as far as you are able in your class, so say the threat is an incapacitating shot at 15 yards.  If you need to describe the context of this shot refer to the statistics, not necessarily just police shootings that deal with a lot of up-close interview, but rather situations of any form of lethal threats where there is distance where you're protecting yourself (or oftentimes others) from a very clear threat (not another concealed-carry holder obviously).  Note how difficult it is to shoot a far smaller target where sight alignment is required and has less margin of error for the defensive accuracy.  Also note that people may slow down to a snail's crawl and almost stop in between as they stabilize their hips to try to get the shot.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.