A “no shoot” is a general notation of an individual who is a civilian innocent.  Basically something you absolutely do not want to shoot, such as another human being.  Now set up a similar drill but have a diamond or circular-like pattern where the individuals start from the rear portion of the circle and move for example to the right counterclockwise around a large circle where you can put up bob bags or cones to dictate and facilitate their movement.  Have them shoot at a far target and generally provide a plurality of targets they transition from to make it a little bit more interesting.

They don't have to shoot any one target or sequence but essentially just they're working on marksmanship while shooting on the move and hitting the various targets.

You may notice as they come back around the back side to the far position they will have to pull their muzzle back to a stool to not muzzle the people in front of them.  This instills an extremely valuable skill of opening up their vision and continuing with moving no shoots.  On the range you will never do this because of the liability but in any critical incident there's an extremely high probability there will be moving no shoots in the situation.  As noted above “no shoot” is a general notation of something that must not be shot, another human being.  Therefore, this drill works out logistically very well because the people in front are moving no shoots and part of the drill for the people they’re behind.  It's a great way to build upon the previous skill sets and honestly the shots from the rearward position stress trigger control and sight alignment more than just the skill of shooting on the move as mentioned above but now we're layering in an additional skill of contending with the no shoot in front of them so they do not muzzle their fellow student.  Again because it's a cleansed environment with SIRTs now is a perfect time to instill this skill which is almost impossible to do with live fire.  It's a valuable skill.  Take it very seriously and be sure to watch their muzzle and trigger finger that they are pulling back to stool and re-extending when appropriate.

Make sure they're not threading the needle just sneaking bullets just around people in front of them.  Make sure they have the discipline of clearly understanding it's not a video game but there's another innocent person in front of them that absolutely can't be shot who is a dynamic individual that could change directions at any moment so they have full respect and open up their vision to contend with moving no shoots.

Important Notes

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Be cautious during home training that someone else doesn’t come into your training area. One possible risk is where someone else comes in your area, they are carrying concealed, they go on auto-pilot and draw fluidly firing a round. The better they are, the more likely they can “chunk” the actions Now granted, there are other rules to address this situation, but remember all of these rules are completely redundant. If this unfortunate event happened, be sure to set up your training area with reasonably ballistic walls so the round will be caught and not cause damage to any person. It is a layered independent precaution.

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