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  1. General Topics on Material Delivery
    8 Topics
  2. IMPORTANT: Safety Set Up and Weapons Check
    3 Topics
  3. Day 01 - First Class
    9 Topics
  4. Day 02 Stance-Platform-Sight Alignment-Grip
    9 Topics
  5. Day 03 C-Clamp-Intro to Draw
    10 Topics
  6. Day 04 Intro to Reloads and Movement -Get Off The X-
    2 Topics
  7. Day 05 Decelerating and Shooting
    4 Topics
  8. Day 06 Compromised Shooting Positions
    5 Topics
  9. Day 07 Target Transitions
    6 Topics
  10. Day 08 Testing and Congratulations
    1 Topic
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The safety protocol for weapon checking everyone to have no live-fire tools in the dojo and be categorically diligent upon self-checks, buddy checks and instructor checks to ensure absolutely no live-fire tools or ammo in the dojo is paramount.  However, out of an abundance of caution to layer on extra layers of protection, it’s best practice to choose a most suitable target area wall when conducting the training.  For example, if you have a choice between walls where one is a thin drywall with another class next to it and another wall is an exterior wall, out of an abundance of caution, choose the wall that is exterior to set up your targets.  Of course this is very situational depending on many setups and dojo arrangements but it’s just a common sense way to layer an extra precaution in the absolute rare and unexpected incident that somehow everything broke down and a live-fire tool came into the training area.

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The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.