To drill target transitions you simply need two targets. You don't necessarily need two targets per student because they can share the targets so to speak. Do you want to make sure the shooters drive their eyes from one target to the next so the eyes are the first thing to land on the next target.

As a progression to transitions is to come into the target with  “hot gun” meaning, the trigger is prepped when coming to a second target.

A next progression is to transition from a close target to a further target. In other words, one target may be point shooting and a second target will require using sighted fire. These are two different aiming systems where a closer target does not require the sights and therefore transitioning to a close target only requires index shooting, perhaps having an awareness of the sternum  to extend perpendicularly out the upper portion of the sternum to rip off shots fearlessly on the close target. When transitioning to a further more difficult target, first snap to the further target and the “deceleration zone” of the SIRT will be greater, that is, take more time and higher degree of rotation to decelerate the pistol while bringing the focus back to the front sight to as quickly and was as accurately as possible shoot the further more difficult target.

Another progression is to integrate movement to move to a position and shoot two targets.  Basically this drill is integrating other fundamentals that we have covered so far. The drill starts with moving from a (first) starting position, run to a second (shooting)position. There's a plurality of reasons to run from the first position to a second position but the basic primary reason for initial movement is to simply "get off the X", that is, make yourself a more difficult target or move to cover and concealment. When getting to the second position (the shooting position) engage a first target with multiple shots with good trigger control of prep break reset, prep break reset for a plurality of shots say three to five. Then snap the eyes to a second further target and get one shot on target such as demonstrated in the video a headshot on the Century Bob Bag.  This is one example of integrating the skill sets and unlocking basic athleticism of pistol craft. Of course you can let your imagination run to many different types of drills that aren't exactly scenarios, but drills in a grading natural point of a.m., sighted fire, decelerating on close and far targets, snapping your eyes from the target to a second target, etc.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.