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This course is centered around the “everyday drill”. As an instructor, you definitely want your students to go home and engage in some training. The every day drills will utilize the teachings that have been done in the course, and the printouts have the key teaching points which you likely had a chance to put forth in the actual hands-on course.  All the teaching points in the every day drills are on your course outline pages so everything is copacetic and you won't get stumped by any student. 

What:  What exactly are we trying to do in the drill?  This is basically a mechanical description as to what it is.  Clear the garment, get a good grip, draw the gun, present the first shot.  A very clear description of the actual goal. “What physically do you want me to do?” is a question to satisfy the student.

Why:  What is the context of this drill?  Why do I want to do it?  Where is the practical application?  For example, from draw to first shot the “why’’ is very clear that the student needs to have the skill to clear a garment, get the gun out safely and get a first shot on target with defensive accuracy coupled with as much speed as they can muster.

How:  All the technique points on exactly how to engage the drill from the set up, equipment needed if any, and the actual technique points.  It could even be a separate section on the technique points where we cover the step-by-step at least verbal description of the technique if not coupled with a video, which of course would be extremely helpful as far as the steps and general caveats on the drill.  

Demo:  Actually have some demonstration whether it’s a few images or a video that can actually show and demo the drill and really reiterate the ‘how’.  Of course, the demo is to be shown in class by the instructor with all the points after they do this course but have the same demo which is on the drill app and paper to clearly show what they’re actually supposed to do.

Practice Count:  Of course, we have to provide an opportunity to practice and ideally there’s a number they try to reach as far as number of repetitions or number of hits, etc.  

Execute – goals:  If it’s a speed and accuracy-related drill, where appropriate, have some goals for students to aim for.  Some actual times for example. Draw to first shot can clearly have some time for individuals to clear a garment and get a first shot off at specific distances for specified combat accuracy area targets.  Of course we want to put caveats that there’s many other factors besides just speed and accuracy such as their situational awareness and the whole context but we want to give some guidelines and goals so they can work towards speed and accuracy while keeping in mind there’s a broader array of skills that need to be in place to be safe and effective with a pistol.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.