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  1. General Topics on Material Delivery
    8 Topics
  2. IMPORTANT: Safety Set Up and Weapons Check
    3 Topics
  3. Day 01 - First Class
    9 Topics
  4. Day 02 Stance-Platform-Sight Alignment-Grip
    9 Topics
  5. Day 03 C-Clamp-Intro to Draw
    10 Topics
  6. Day 04 Intro to Reloads and Movement -Get Off The X-
    2 Topics
  7. Day 05 Decelerating and Shooting
    4 Topics
  8. Day 06 Compromised Shooting Positions
    5 Topics
  9. Day 07 Target Transitions
    6 Topics
  10. Day 08 Testing and Congratulations
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This day will be a testing day.  Run the exact same test you did on day one so the students can see their growth.


Have them shoot the test to see what their score is, the same test as they did initially.  Have them do some drills then shoot the test again.  Make them note that the first test when they are cold is important because that’s their unwarmed up state; that’s why it’s important for them to train unwarmed up throughout the day using the distributed learning model as opposed to block learning.  But also note that if they made ground that’s their warm-up decrement where they do get better when warmed up but the important measure is how well they do “un-warmed up” that is because we like to refer to “uncalibrated.”

After they’ve done the test, have the short awards ceremony, hand out the certificates, field some questions.  Engage in a few extra final drills really based on the nature of your class.  If you want to work on some shooting on the moves, some compromise shooting positions but you definitely want to expose some future classes down the road.

Congratulations for making it through this material. We strongly suggest continuing to train yourself so you are proficient with a SIRT when demoing drills and techniques. We also strongly suggest you continue your path with firearms instruction and seek other venues of instructor development such as the NRA and USCCA.

We want to reiterate that one of the most important takeaways your students will have in this class is safe gun practices. Always monitor students when handling the SIRT pistols keeping an eye on the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot and their muzzle awareness.

We hope you enjoyed consuming this material and good luck in putting on an introduction to pistol handling class.

Final Reminder

Safety in Training.

Be cautious during home training that someone else doesn’t come into your training area. One possible risk is where someone else comes in your area, they are carrying concealed, they go on auto-pilot and draw fluidly firing a round. The better they are, the more likely they can “chunk” the actions Now granted, there are other rules to address this situation, but remember all of these rules are completely redundant. If this unfortunate event happened, be sure to set up your training area with reasonably ballistic walls so the round will be caught and not cause damage to any person. It is a layered independent precaution.

The SIRT is the revolutionary tool to train.

The SIRT 115C

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