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The time for delivery of material is predicated on student absorption of subject matter and not just fitting it within a fixed time frame. The time for material delivery is flexibility is an overarching concept for any material. We want to “check the box” and make progress; however, the objective is not to spend so many hours on a topic, but rather to take the necessary time to make sure students have a firm grasp of the techniques and concepts before progressing. Of course, there has to be protocol in place to catch people up and keep everyone meaningfully occupied and engaged. Attention spans and energy levels generally run for 60 to 90-minute windows for a drill-based course.  Beginning each session with a  refresher of the previous class also aids in long-term retention.

Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.