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Capability Performance Grid

This is basically the belt system for the course.  Essentially, the capability performance grid is a two dimensional matrix where the vertical rows lay out various skills that an individual must demonstrate in order to be considered proficient in that particular skill set.  For example, the skills can range up from grip, trigger control, draw, compromised shooting draw, and an assortment of raw skill sets.  Along the columns can be a performance metric based on how well they perform at that particular skill set.  For example, the first skill set of trigger control may include how many shots are placed within a very small target within a defined time range with clean dots without escaping.  This of course is assessing their trigger reset and speed, as well as their ability to break the shot without moving the muzzle.  Of course, another obvious skill set is a simple draw to first shot where people can go from a starting competency of 3 seconds to clear a garment and get a first shot at 7 yards defensive accuracy, then work down to an allusive 0.8 second clear garment and draw to be on the upper echelons of this capability.  Essentially, it’s a grid to gauge capabilities of the individual and correlate their extent of that ability which can be measured by any suitable metric.  The most common metric will be speed and accuracy.

Of course, these skills have to be in context as much as possible without getting too diluted and broad.  For example, “draw from appendix” may be different from “ draw from 4 o’clock” which can be very different from a t-shirt versus an overcoat versus multilayered, etc.  We don’t want people to just gain their attire to get a better score, but of course be robust and willing to train in all sorts of garments which they’ll practically use (light t-shirts in summer, heavy coats in winter).  Therefore, the capability performance grid will have a good baseline in measure and also will always be communicated to not simply train just for this chart, but train to be the most robust capable pistol shooter you can possibly be. 


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Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample videos below are to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now, this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.