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This class is presented by Mike Hughes, the founder of NextLevel Training and the inventor of the SIRT Training Platforms, and Mario “Moe” Morris, who has taken the initiative to develop and put on a firearms-based class in a dojo he co-owns and operates. The curriculum is focused on fundamentals and safety. As the course title insinuates, “Introduction to Pistol Handling Fundamentals” is a hands-on, drill based course.  

Throughout this manual you will see QR codes which link to the on-line course where you can go from printed manual to video easily with your mobile device. The on-line course hosted at SIRTliving.com provides a learning management system to track your progress and provides a central resource for PDF instructional cheat sheets and other resources. We suggest you read this material and watch all the videos on the on-line course before scheduling your first class.