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Safety Overview

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We’ve already talked about safety and a lot of safety is set up beforehand as we spoke of. Now, let’s talk about actually instructing the safety block. Now, you may have many ways you want to do this and you have this as far as your own protocols, what have you, but let us just cover a baseline, very comprehensive protocol, so every student comes in is going to have a good, safe, enjoyable experience. Course, one of the fundamental aspects of safety is that there are no injuries or no any catastrophic injuries, there’s no damage to property, alright, of course, the hallmark is no life fire tools in the area whatsoever, but we also want to make sure that we establish your, I should say authority, as an instructor that your laying down the law. Your showing your comprehensiveness by discussing the safety protocol of who’s a point of contact, who’s going to make a phone call, who’s going to do all this stuff, you know, even though we’re not on the Life fire Range, we want to have the exact same or very similar safety protocol in place so peoples heads are switched on and it’s a good glide path for when you do go with Life Fire Range if you progress with additional course that it’s familiar language, familiar protocol, timing, and what have you, so first thing with safety, of course, is your planning, which is setting the right environment, so you’ve set the environment, there’s no windows where people can kind of peer in and see like what’s going on in there if it looks kind of threatening, particularly as for some of the drills we’ll get into. You identified a good, reasonably ballistic wall to dry fire against. I don’t suggest dry fire; insert fire against the wall, where people are immediately behind. You have the exits/entrances blocked off and marked, so you have that signage, which you printed out, so you can put in there’s training going on and such and such and you have them identified, so anyone coming into that training area, will be known, all right, even though you don’t have a full-time safety officer like you do on force-on-force training, you have these entrances and exits essentially blocked off or they’re like easily identifiable, so, like, you will have clear visual auditory awareness of someone coming into that room. Why do we have all this protocol and obviously, we do not want a life fire tool in this dry fire area. It is mandatory, as it is critical; we keep this training area cleansed, all right. Course, we’re all guntoting, concealed carry people, we want to promote that, but we’re talking training and we’ve got to have that completely cleansed environment. One note, when you have a cleansed environment is as you go through this protocol, as we’ll show here afterwards, as far as you know, making sure people don’t have a life fire tool. Make sure you also don’t make them feel too awkward, all right, like they really screwed up by bringing in their gun and make them feel stupid because one, they probably might not raise their hand at that point, all right, and then you’re not going to have any compliance and now they feel stupid, they might try to hide their gun and put it in their car at break. It’s just going to make things messier, so going into the protocol, when you first say, hey look, there’s no life fire tools, they have their entrance points, all right. We talked about the other block. They’ve come in, you do a check. It’s also a good idea to have the students do a safety check on you, all right, and explain to the students, say hey, look, in force-on-force training, if you want to go into explaining what that is, that’s where people shoot at each other with SIRTs or a marking cartridge such as SimsTM, UTM TM, whatever have you.
One of the number one killers on that law enforcement is an instructor, alright, because no one checked him and he’s busy and that happens, so it’s not a bad idea to plant in the students mind, say look, it’s okay to check the instructor, all right, and ask the instructor, in fact, I would encourage them to do that, all right, so a basic protocol, they’ve come through your entrance, they’ve come through the choke point, all right, and you’ve asked them to check themselves, you asked the students to check each other, and then you go around and you do a quick check, all right, now when you do the check, as you can see, you hit the waistline, of course, make sure there’s no life fire tool there. It’s also a good idea just to remove blades, all right. Any kind of pocket blade, such like that, don’t make them feel awkward for having to walk away from, you know that, but it’s just because these courses can progress into force-on-force courses and we don’t want any such tools on them, all right and even go down here and check the ankles real quick for an ankle holster, all right to know if anyone’s carrying their .38 featherweight down in the ankle area, which is pretty easy to forget if you ever carry one down there so you make them feel comfortable about getting such units off the property into their unloaded and in locked vehicles.

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Video of Sample Class Related to This Block

The sample video below is to help you see how this instruction is actually taught. Now this is not the only way to instruct, but it is shown to give you an example.

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Actual Course Video 01

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Actual Course Video 02

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Be sure to always check the instructor as well for any live fire tools