Get the Training You Want

With SIRTliving you get the training you want when you want. Short training blocks that concisely cover drills and skills you want to learn..

Try Our Grip Course

Grip is a foundational skill for any pistol shooter. Learn how to establish and sustain a strong grip to drive the gun for consistent shots.

Use Your SIRT Daily

Don’t let your SIRT Training Pistol sit in the shooting bag. Have your SIRT out ready for use. A lot of the courses provide you good ideas to expand upon your pistol skills in short trainings.


Get out your AR-15 and get some rest with it. The SIRT AR- Bolt allows you to have a resetting trigger and get practical reps with your AR.

28 Day Drill of the Day Course

Wouldn’t it be great to get an automated text message for stimulus to hit a drill.  Do you want a short sub one minute video laying out a new drill along with follow-up training material?

The drill of the day of course is an innovative use of technology so you can sneak in training in very short increments. Don’t let the distance to the range and the cost of ammunition hold back your pistol skills. Train in short daily increments at your home or work off the range to improve your performance when you hit the range.

Day Course